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Andreina Bravo, M.S.


My name is Andreina Bravo, I was born and raised in Venezuela in a traditional Catholic family. Since I was very young, I knew I wanted to become a clinical therapist. I was always very passionate to help and support other people. I pursued my desire and became a licensed psychologist at Metropolitan University of Caracas. Then, I worked on the mental health field in a psychiatric hospital for a short period of time, but the political situation in my country forced me to look for a better future in USA. I was blessed to be able to move to Miami in 2016 and with passion, sacrifice, and fundamentally with God’s help, I was able to revalidate my degree. I later graduated from Albizu University and obtained a Marriage and Family Therapy master’s degree. I currently work under a Registered Marriage and Family therapist Intern (license # IMT3897). 


I have experience working with crisis intervention, suicide prevention, and general counseling. Likewise, I have worked in the social work field advocating for children, young adults, and the elderly. I believe in a comprehensive approach where multiple aspects of the individual and families are considered to support them in the therapeutic process. My methodology is a combination of techniques from different clinical interventions depending on the presented needs. I offer in-person and telehealth services. I am committed to providing high professional and ethical standards for each one of my clients and I have solid faith that our journey together will be worthwhile.


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