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Nathalie M. Soto, M.S.


My name is Nathalie M. Soto. I hold a Master of Science degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Nova Southeastern University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Florida International University. I'm currently a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Intern in the state of Florida (License No. IMT 3799). Throughout the years, I have gained vast experience working with youth of diverse ages, from the young age of preschool (3 y/o) to older adolescents (18 y/o).


In my past work experience, I’ve had the opportunity to work with youth as well as with their families, treating the whole family as the primary client and incorporating the family system (family dynamics, history, values, roles, etc.) into the form of treatment. By attending to the family system, I’ve been able to enhance the quality of treatment offered to at-risk youth and prolong the results of treatment by tapping into the relational aspects of the issue; therefore, making the change more sustainable across their lifespan. Through the years, I’ve seen how vital the involvement of the family is when treating young people.


It is my intention, as a Therapist at Love Thyself, to incorporate the tenets of the Catholic Church as the vital and most fundamental part of the family system and of the individual, acknowledging the wounded reality of human nature, as a consequence of sin, and how this reality affects us in all our relationships. At the heart of my approach to therapy lie the following two, very similar, premises: - As a Systemic thinker, the problem is always a relational one. - And as a Catholic, the problem is always our incapacity to love, due to this same wounded nature. As a Catholic Therapist, therefore, it is my intention to work together with my clients to better their relationships and to guide them in the process of knowing who they really are and what is preventing them from being free to love and have a relationship with others. Being trilingual, speaking fluent English, Spanish, and Portuguese, allows me to render services to youth and families of diverse backgrounds and cultures, and be of aid to those who struggle with English as their second language here in South Florida.


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