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Pbro. Lic. Joel de Jesús Núñez Flautes

I am Father Joel de Jesús Núñez Flautes, from Valencia-Venezuela. I have the pleasure of being the priest that accompanies the work and the mission of Love Thyself Wellness Center, an excellent team of professionals that seek to find the integral health of the clients that arrive looking for help and a place to heal body, mind, and spirit. The best and pleasing aspect in being part of Love Thyself is that one faith Catholic Christian allows us to provide the proper tools with the knowledge and specialization that each team member brings for the wellness to all that arrive at our office or online spaces. It is God's deed to help in his name. We are a team with an understanding of responsibility and high human quality. All for God and to God. 


Padre Joel studied his highschool in Teology at la Javeriana in Bogotá, Colombia. He also holds a License in Teology by the Instituto Universitario Santa Rosa de Lima de Caracas. A license in Dogmatic Teology from La Gregoriana de Roma. He is a Gelstalt Psychotherapist by the Centro Educativo Territorio Gestalt de Valencia-Venezuela.

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