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Gaby Giron, M.S., MBA

Therapist and Life Coach

Gaby Giron was born and raised in Guatemala. From a young age, her faith was a fundamental part of her growth not only in her family but also in having attended an Opus Dei school. From her adolescence, she belonged to and led Catholic Young Adult Groups.  At age 18 he moved to the United States and currently resides in Miami, Florida. 


In 2011 she graduated with a bachelor's degree in Psychology from Florida International University (FIU). At the same time, she was discovering her passion for the business world and decided to study for her Masters In Business Administration(MBA) at Devry University in 2014. Although during this process, she could be reaching everything that the world considered "successful" she felt tired and dissatisfied with having the same routine, and involved in relationships that did not encourage her best version. It was there that he began to hear about the Theology of the Body, where God reveals to us that he has a purpose for each one and the realization of that purpose does not start when we reach heaven but begins now on earth. 


When she begins to feel all this movement in her heart she decides to leave everything and embark on one of the best trips of her life: The Camino de Santiago, also known as "El Camino". For those who do not know or do not know about this wonderful pilgrimage of self-discovery, "El Camino" is an 800 km journey on foot that begins in a small town in France and ends in a town called Santiago de Compostela, in Spain. 


There she begins to discover the purpose for which God created her and decides to study for her master's degree in Pastoral Ministry and graduates in 2019 from Barry University. Her pastoral project was the longing of her heart to create a program that provides tools to all young adults to become their best version. That's where the Transformando mi Version coaching program was born. 


Although she never imagined having to study for so many master's degrees, God had a perfect plan. She is currently pursuing Theology of the Body (TOB) certification at the Theology of the Body Institute and a Master's Degree in Family Therapy at Barry University. 


Gaby has a curious mind and heart, seeing the potential that each person has motivates her to currently be a speaker, be involved in young adult groups, and walk alongside people to discover the purpose for what they were created and work towards to become their best version.

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