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Juan Camilo Sanchez

Juan Camilo Sanchez is passionate about sports and leading a healthy lifestyle. Born in Barranquilla, Colombia, he has dedicated the last 15 years to supporting his community in the pursuit of personal and physical goals. His passion for human well-being and his desire to help others have led him to be involved in various ministries and groups with the aim of guiding people to find true LOVE.

Juan Camilo is recognized for his energy and motivation, always ready to provide guidance and support to those around him. His approach goes beyond mere sports practice as he seeks to promote a healthy lifestyle that encompasses both physical and emotional well-being.

Throughout his career, Juan Camilo has developed personalized training programs and plans to help individuals effectively and sustainably achieve their goals. His focus extends beyond physical appearance as he also cares about personal and spiritual growth. Through his involvement in ministries and community groups, Juan Camilo has provided emotional and spiritual support, encouraging individuals to discover their true potential and find self-love.

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