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Holding Hands

Life Coaching

What is coaching?

It is one of the best investments you can make in yourself. Coaching provides a toolbox to be able to achieve your dreams, goals, objectives and reach your best version. We walk with you either one by one or in a group, giving you support on this path of self-knowledge and learning.

Who is personal coaching for?

Personal coaching is built on trust and credibility in a process where the person receiving this support, wants and sees the need to make changes in their life, so if you:

- You feel stuck and can't move forward
- You want to improve an area of your life
- You want to improve your performance and productivity
- Clarify your goals and objectives
- You are afraid or do not know where to start a new project

- You are in search of a purpose for which you want to get up every day and work on it.


Is Coaching the same as a therapeutic process?

No, the coaching process is a process of self-knowledge and we focus on identifying the current situation, areas and opportunities for growth or change. Basically we work with a base of tools from the methodology and coaching techniques to improve the quality of life, modify habits, behaviors and limiting thoughts.

In a therapeutic process, the psychologist or counselor has patients and works to heal psychological conditions using therapeutic methods. They work from the past to the present.

We work together with psychologists and counselors in case the coaching identifies any condition or blockage that should be treated in therapy.

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