God Bless You!

LTWC Weston Towncenter


Welcome to Love Thyself Wellness Center! 

(former Love Thyself Psychotherapy)


We are a team of professionals, specialized in mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. 

Our mission is to provide evidence-based, ethical, honest, non-judgmental, and valuable therapeutic sessions. Our vision is for each individual, to increase their self-love, self-value, and therefore live a more self-fulfilling life.

Love Thyself Psychotherapy was created in 2017 by Laura's passion and love for psychology, spirituality, and healing. In an effort to provide an overall wellness approach, evaluating the needs in the community and by the grace of God, in the year 2020, Love Thyself expanded its services and was renamed Love Thyself Wellness Center. 


We truly believe that you can find your inner love and peace. It is our hope that in your therapeutic sessions, you can find an overall state of wellbeing.  

By integrating a body, mind, and spirit approach. 


We believe that loving yourself is crucial in order to heal wounds, pain, forgive, and move on, therefore we welcome you to embark on your own self-discovery. This process can be very rewarding! Our goal is to help you find your own strength and understand that you are a beautiful human being.